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The Holy Ghost-The Transporter and the Conveyer: Apostle Prophet Andile Myemane PhD

If there is anything that needs to be performed on this earth, then the Holy Ghost is needed; becaus [ ... ]

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The Holy Spirit of Promise: Apostle Prophet A. Myemane PhD.

The Holy Spirit of Promise First and foremost, I would like us to understand that the Holy Spirit i [ ... ]

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Apostle Prophet Andile Myemane PhD. As taught by Apostle Prophet Andile Myemane PhD.   There was  [ ... ]

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 Relationship to Fellowship

Apostle Prophet Andile Myemane PhD. I would like us to understand the relationship that happens bet [ ... ]

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The church of Jesus Christ VS. The Ministries of Men

The word church has been misused, in that whenever there is a gathering of people who sing church so [ ... ]

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Christ Ascended and Descended That He May Fill All Thing

Apostle Prophet Andile There is something about the Lord’s descending and ascending. Firstly, we  [ ... ]

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